Commercial Mortgages :
How we add value

Commercial mortgages for purchasing property in particular are bank’s core business for commercial banking customers. The process normally starts with you contacting the bank and talking to the manager about how much you want to borrow.

We are a team of ex-bankers and Chartered Surveyors and we have noticed from working with banks how the cash flow and the property details are usually the last things which are provided during the process of obtaining a commercial mortgage. If you are thinking about any type of business property investment, then do contact us.

We have solved this problem by creating a flexible cash flow tool which in effect is a commercial mortgage calculator, for you to complete which incorporates questions about the property you are buying. This allows us to accurately structure terms and conditions for a commercial mortgage.

We analyse the information you have provided and submit this to a list of  to obtain the best value commercial mortgage we can.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Value for money
  • Terms and conditions that suit you and not the bank
  • Cost savings professionals

Use our free cash flow tool to see how much you can borrow at current market rates and how this will affect your profit.

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Property analysis

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Cash flow tool

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